About Linda Miller...


One of the fortunate few who have always known exactly what they want to be, Linda Miller knew from a very young age that she wanted to be an artist. With origins in West Texas, Linda arrived in the Honda Valley in south central New Mexico in 1972.  This area has long attracted artists for its exceptional quality of light.  Mentored by Peter Hurd and Henriette Wyeth, she soon forged a path of her own.  Running counter to prevailing cultural norms, Linda’s art is a careful distillation of what she observes; it is poignant, but it avoids sentimentality.
Her oils reflect the depth and artistry of the Old Masters, her pastels, freedom of motion, and her engravings, exact attention to detail.  Miller has mastered every medium that she has undertaken, and yet she is still exploring all possible avenues of artistic expression.  

Linda lives in an adobe house and attached gallery of her own design. There are often several original works of art available (her collectors keep a close eye on works in progress and often purchase in advance of completion), as well as careful reproductions of some of her most popular paintings.  In this time of over-inflated hype and celebrity, one would do well to take a look at the quiet, meditative art of Linda Miller.