“The new giclée reproductions are simply breath-taking. They capture the feeling of the brush strokes and the rich colors and are truly an enhancement of the original painting. To make each one original, the last brush strokes are added on the canvas with paint from the hand of the artist. Lumeira prints retain the integrity I have long sought in reproductions. They have captured the deep glazes, rich reds and vibrant colors with sharp detail.” 

These are representative works from the Gallery at Casa Linda Miller. Linda Miller's work encompasses many mediums to include original oil paintings, pastels, and dry points; lumeira and giclée reproductions; and lithographs. The giclée reproductions are printed on canvas stretched to frame.  Lumeira reproductions are mounted on foam core and are also ready for framing and require glass. Lumeira and giclée reproductions are available in limited editions of 270 plus artist proofs. Since these are newer releases, the early numbers are still available.  The lithographs are available in editions of 600. In addition, all of the lithographs are available as post cards. Miller takes a limited number of commissions each year. Proceed to the store to purchase works from the Gallery at Casa Linda Miller.