In the Art Studio...

Miller_Studio_Window.jpgA look into the arched north window of Linda Miller’s studio takes you on a magical tour in time and nature. A spacious room with a twelve-foot ceiling, enormous glass-fronted cabinets are filled with objects-—textiles, bird nests, seashells, fossil, feathers—— all with a story to tell.  This is where Linda works the magic of her art.


Take a tour around her property and you will discover her inspiration. First and foremost a lover of animals, Linda surrounds herself with chickens, retired racehorses, sheep, goats, dogs, cats and frequently other animals that may need her nurturing (hummingbirds, rabbits, doves), many of which have had their portrait painted (from life) by her.  A keen observer of animal behavior and nature, Miller beautifully expresses her fondness for them in her oil paintings of bird nests, orphaned goats, roosters, and much more.

Pastel is the medium she chose to interpret an apple orchard in bloom; it becomes a blur of pale pink blossoms, blue mountains, and white clouds, all seemingly in motion.